An Established and Trusted Seafood Seller

Fish mongering has been in the Siracusa family for over five decades. Upon arriving to the US from Italy, John Siracusa was motivated to continue his passion.

John and his son, Peter, established J&P West Coast Seafood

Here in Los Angeles in 1979. What they thought would have been just a simple import and export business grew into something larger. Fisher of Men was the boat they purchased to start fishing for themselves. Peter was able to establish the company in the farmers market scene while John was ready to retire. Peter and his then wife Marilyn continued the family business and worked diligently to grow within the farmers markets all across Los Angeles.

Marilyn was able to modernize

This generational family establishment with her savvy business practices and opened a brick- and-mortar retail store in Simi Valley, CA, along with operating 4 farmers markets in the LA surrounding areas.

Today, we continue with the same passion in bringing quality seafood from all over the globe fresh to your table.